Risk Assessment 

The Sandwich Lady 

Risk assessment for van


Carried out by: K. Butler

Date : 24th July 2020

what are the


who might be harmed and how?

what are you already doing to control the risks? 

what further action needs to be taken?

who needs to carry out the action?




Customers and employes may be harmed because they are coming into contact with people who possibly carry the virus

  • Washing hands regularly.

  • After handling money. 

  • After serving customers

  • Touching card machines or apparatus. 

  • Gloves

  • Hand santiser

  • Ensure hands are being washed frequently

  • Remind customers and employes of the facilities available to them. 

  • Wear gloves when possible. 

  • ​General Public

  • Van Driver

On going.​

Covid symptoms

Customers and employes may be harmed because they are coming into contact with people who show symptoms of the virus. 

  • Carrying out a tempertature test on van driver before they start their shifts. 

  • Reminding Van driver not to continue his shift if they have symptoms

  • If any customers have symptoms politely asking them to leave the area where yourself and other customers are. 

  • Keeping two meters between each customer.

  • Continue good communication between customer and van driver.

  • Continue checking temperatures. 

  • Ensure social distancing measures are being put in place. 

  • Appropriate sign postage.

  • Van Driver 

  • General Public

On going.​

Taking Payments 

Taking any cash may result in the spread of covid-19 germs. General public aswell as van driver can be harmed. 

  • Using our card facilities as much as possible. 

  • Taking as little cash as possible. 

  • Using the tab book if it is necessary 

  • whilst using the card machine ensure it is santised after every use. 

  • Van Driver

On going.​

  • Making sure customers know that its mainly card payments. 

  • Adding sign postage to ensure customers know. 


If the correct PPE isn't worn then customers and the Van driver may be harmed, this could lead to the passing of the virus. 

  • Wearing facemasks when around customers and in the serving area. 

  • Wearing gloves whilst serving customers. 

  • clean and appropriate clothing every day. 

  • In the future maybe wearing disposable aprons. 

  • Ensuring customers are wearing their face masks if possible. 

  • Van driver

On going.​